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If you have a solution that you keep on using and reusing successfully in your contracts, please consider sharing it by adding it to the Pattern Library.

Contributions can be:

    1. Real-life examples of patterns already documented in this library:
      you can share your example as an image or URL

    2. A completely new pattern yet to be documented in this library:
      before submitting a new pattern, please read the guidelines below

Please notice that contributions are not automatically published. We will evaluate all contributions to verify their quality and good fit with the rest of the Library.

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How to submit a new pattern


Before you start

Every pattern must meet the same quality standards and style before it can be added to the library. Contributions are not automatically published: we will evaluate them, come back to you if something is unclear, and work with you on edits to make it fit well in the library. Be ready to communicate with us and iterate together on your idea.


1) Familiarize yourself with the content and style of existing patterns

Your pattern needs to fit in well with the rest of the library in terms of content, style, and tone of voice. Have a look at the existing patterns for inspiration.

All our pattern descriptions cover six points – please follow the same style to describe your pattern:


What to say

1) Name of the pattern

A short, catchy and descriptive name

2) What is it?

A short description

3) What problem does it solve?

Describe the practical problem experienced by contract readers which your pattern is designed to address

4) When to use it?

Describe the situations, user types, documents, and/or clauses where this pattern is typically used and is most effective

5) Why use it?

Describe how this pattern solves the problem, how does it work, why it is effective

6) Where to use it?

Choose from a list of options we provide you (e.g., “contract documents and clauses”, “training materials”, “meetings”, etc.) or add your suggestion



2) Choose a relevant example

You need to show the pattern in action. Choose one or more examples that illustrate well how the pattern works. You can send it as an image or as an URL.

Make sure that you have the appropriate permissions to share images (you or your organization are the copyright holders). We won't publish any material or example that we are not allowed to.

If you cannot find an existing example that you are able to share, you need to create one yourself.


3) Choose or create a category

All patterns need to be categorized in order to be findable. Familiarize yourself with the existing categories in the library to decide to which categories it belongs (usually, it is more than one).

If you feel that your pattern belongs to a new category, think how to name this new category, and how to describe it. We will work with you during the submission process to help you figure this out.


4) Submit

Nice, you are now ready to submit your new pattern!

We will review it and get back to you via email to proceed.


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