How to use this Library

1. Explore and get inspired

The Library can be browsed and explored in different ways, for example by freely exploring the patterns in the Library or by looking at pattern families.

Please notice that:

  • You won’t find ready-made solutions ready to be copy-pasted, but guidelines and examples to inspire you to improve your contracts.
  • You won’t find answers to very specific questions such as “How do I visualize my IPR clause?”. The answer, in this case, would depend on what exactly you are trying to communicate about IPR: are you trying to communicate the allocation of rights between the parties (then a swimlane may be appropriate) or something else, such as a process or a sequence of events (then a timeline may be better)?


> Instructions on how to explore and browse the Library

2. Start from the users

Don’t use a pattern just because it looks cool: patterns are for you to choose and mix carefully, on the basis of the problems you are facing, and the communication goal you seek to achieve.

The starting points should be:

  1. Your contract users
  2. Your business needs and goals
  3. The information you are trying to communicate


> Read more about starting from users, business, and information

3. Using the patterns

  • Pick and mix: do not use every pattern in every contract.

  • Each pattern has a description to understand how you can use it, and a section with examples to see it in action.

  • Each pattern can often be used in different clauses or situations. We offer suggestions and examples of use for a certain pattern, but it is never an exhaustive list.

  • Pattern are model solutions, not something to be copy-pasted. When you implement the idea or technique of the pattern, you need to adapt it to your specific context (e.g. your user needs and problems, your business goals, your brand and tone of voice, ...).

  • Each pattern has a comment section: exchange ideas and suggestions with your peers to improve your mastery of patterns.


> Read more about using the patterns

4. Contributing to the Library

The library is a work in progress. To make it grow, we seek the contribution of examples and new patterns from you contract innovators.

That little brilliant solution that you keep on using and reusing successfully in your contracts may be worth sharing with the community. It could be a real-life example of an existing pattern already documented in this Library, or it could be a completely new pattern altogether – even better!


> How to submit an example or a new pattern


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