You can use different types of visuals (maps, diagrams, illustrations, photos, comics,...) to clarify and communicate the content of a contract and support its understanding.

Text alone is not always the clearest or most effective way to communicate. Sometimes it is because of the type of information (complex processes or quantitative data, for example). Some other times it is because of the characteristics of the readers or of the content (business or technical people may be familiar with and prefer certain diagrams, or some clients or suppliers may not be familiar with your internal terminology or concepts; laypeople may distrust legalese and jargon, and so on).

The examples in our library illustrate the many possibilities of using visuals within the contract lifecycle. They may exist embedded in contracts themselves, as comprehension aids, or in guidance or explanatory documents about contracts. They may be used for contracting, as tools or interfaces facilitating contract planning, negotiation, or creation. And they may be used as contracts (e.g., comic contracts).