Pattern families

Pattern families describe a distinguishing feature of a group of patterns, or define the key problem they solve. The patterns in our Library usually belong to more than one family.

By clicking on one of the pattern families categories listed in the left-hand menu, you can find a description of each pattern family (the Overview tab), and all the patterns that belong to it.



Currently, we have 10 pattern families:

  • Emphasis: Giving visual prominence to crucial information so readers don’t miss it
  • Explainers: Ways to clarify the meaning of a clause or a contract
  • Layering: Ways to give more relevance to key points, and less to extra details
  • Layout: Ways to arrange content in a readable, legible, and easily findable manner
  • Navigation: Ways to organize content and make it more easily findable
  • Organizing: Structuring content so it is more useful and usable
  • Reviewing: Ways to check that the contract is complete and logically organized
  • Summarizing: Presenting information more concisely to support quick reading
  • Tone of voice: Stylistic and wording choices that influence how your company is perceived by contract readers
  • Visuals: Images to support understanding of language in contracts